Adding LED Lights To Your Car

Your car’s headlights are important to you and oncoming traffic. They help you see through the darkness and fog while notifying other drivers you’re coming close. With many people servicing their own cars today, repairing or adjusting headlights is a common weekend chore. However, you need to adjust them correctly to keep everyone safe on the road.
Angle Them Correctly

If you haven’t replaced your headlights before, pay attention to their orientation when you pull off the cover. The bulbs and their fixtures have a specific angle, which is typically tilted down and slightly interior to the car. This orientation keeps the main light out of other drivers’ eyes but still highlights the road at night. Keep the angle from the original headlights or look up the exact angle in the owner’s manual.

Update the Bulb

A car’s original headlights are often standard bulbs that use inexpensive constructions. Consider changing the bulb to a more modern type and color, such as a 168 led bulb. Today’s bulb technology takes less power away from the car’s electrical system while still providing better light than the original headlights. Try different colors too, including yellow, orange or light blue. You’ll see a marked difference in visibility.

Pay Attention to High Beams

With the newer bulbs installed, you may not even need your high beams unless it’s an extreme driving situation. LED bulbs in particular emit bright light for many feet of clear viewing. Consider turning off your high beams for almost all driving. High beams, especially with newer bulbs, are frequently disturbing to other drivers, even with proper angling.

Consider Additional Headlights

If you’re really a car enthusiast, you might consider adding fog lights or other fixtures to your ride. Always check with your city or state about adding additional lights. Some regions only allow limited additions or may outlaw them altogether. The extra lights can be LED-based bulbs but should still follow the same angling technique to avoid bothering other drivers. Courtesy on the road includes safe headlight installation and adjustment.

With the right angle and bulb color, new headlight bulbs are an inexpensive and practical addition to your ride. They give an older car a new look while providing you with a clear view during even the worst bouts of weather.

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