Discounted motorcycle parts

A couple of days ago, my friend was involved in an auto accident. It was not his fault, really. A reckless driver came from behind and rammed into his car. Apparently, the other driver’s car have faulty brakes. It’s such an unfortunate event, isn’t it? Thank God nobody was hurt in the accident.

My friend is waiting for insurance claims and whatnot so that he could send his car to the workshop for full repair but right at the moment, he have no transport to go around with for work. Initially, he intends to take public transport to work, but I thought that it will be a big hassle to commute with the inefficient public transportation system, considering that he is a journalist who needs to rush here and there to cover for events.

I offered to let him borrow my old motorcycle when he informed me about the accident, but much to my annoyance, I discovered that some of my motorcycle parts are rather rusty, and I don’t think that the motorcycle is safe to be used on the road. Motorcycle parts must be repaired before the motorcycle can be used again.

Motorcycle accessories are usually hard to come by, especially high-end motorcycle like mine. And more often than not most of the motorcycle parts and accessories are rather costly. But luckily for me, I made friends with plenty of motorcycle enthusiasts and they told me that motorcycle parts can be bought online at a cheaper and discounted price and I intend to do just that so that I can repair my motorcycle so that my friend can use it until he gets his car back.

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