Fabulous Christmas Gifts for the Car Lover who has Everything

“What do you buy the person who has everything? That’s a tricky one . . . but if that person happens to be a bit of a petrol head then don’t panic, there are some fabulous (if not a little unusual) gifts about which are sure to make them smile if they find them in their Christmas stocking.

Corona used cars has a great selection of motors which would make perfect Christmas gifts, but if that’s a little out of your budget read on . . .

Chopsticks by Porsche – Porsche do have a great range of gifts available but Porsche Chopsticks could be the answer to any Porsche lover with a soft spot for noodles. So what makes them so special enough to warrant the rather hefty Porsche price tag? Well, they’re made from a combination of stainless steel and African black wood – the chopsticks are magnetized so that they will stick together when not in use – it would be a disaster to lose one at those prices.

Lamborghini Laptop – yes, you’ve read it right, a Lamborghini laptop. It’s got everything an ordinary laptop has to offer – Blu-ray player, Intel Core processor, fabulous camera and super speedy USB 3.0 but with the extra style of Lamborghini. As you might have guessed they don’t come cheap but hey, if your budget allows go for it.

Furry Boobs – don’t leave home without them. Think furry dice for men . . . furry boobs hanging from your rearview mirror. These are ultimately much more affordable than the previous gifts on this list, just in case you were wondering and can make terrific stocking fillers for car lovers, car drivers and even passengers, perfect for any motor from usedcarsofoc.com.

Pocket breathalyzer – it is illegal to drink and drive – okay, tell us something we don’t know. Anyhow, drinking and driving is not only illegal it’s also extremely dangerous as well as being a big “no-no” for your social standing. A pocket sized breathalyzer may be just the thing to pop into your Car Lovers stocking this Christmas.

Mercedes Christmas Tree Baubles – never mind popping something special under the tree this Christmas, how about putting something rather special actually on to the Christmas tree. Mercedes have a terrific selection of baubles featuring many of their models both old, new and classic.

Novelty socks – everybody needs new socks at Christmas time, it’s tradition, it’s a habit, it’s almost the law! How about solving two problems at once with some novelty car socks perfect for car lovers with cold feet?

Novelty tie – yep, we might be scraping the bottom of the barrel here but there are some terrific novelty ties around with cars. Those with a larger budget might stretch to an official Porsche, Mercedes or Ferrari tie – now that’s classy!

Emergency Break Down Kit – this Christmas gift definitely comes more under the practical/useful heading than the fabulous/fun but even so, breaking down is never pleasant and breaking down on a cold, dark, stormy winters night is even less of a hoot. An emergency break down kit might not be very popular on Christmas morning but could be extremely appreciated in case of emergency.

Porsche Salt and Pepper Mills – Santa’s elves have been working overtime in the Porsche design department this Christmas. These beauties have a terrific design based on the center locking wheel hubs of a Porsche – how’s that for flash?

Hand held vacuum cleaner – can help your car lover to keep his pride and joy spic and span. If you happen to choose a vacuum cleaner with the word “turbo” in the name it’s sure to be a winner.”

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