How to Keep Your Car in Great Condition

Every car enthusiast tends to have their own specific ritual to keep their car in the best shape possible, but sometimes that simply isn’t enough. As technology advances, so too do the options for the hobbyists and professionals out there that enjoy taking car of motor vehicles. To help work through all of the available options, we’ve designed this post to outline a few key technologies that can help make any car go from being an embarrassment to something you can be proud of.

A Durable Coating

You can clean your car as much as you want, but it simply won’t mean much without a lasting finish. PVD technology, such as the type utilized by Vergason, can have a real and lasting impact on the coating quality of a vehicle. Unlike other types of coatings, PVD works by coating the object in a vacuum with various types of beams and gases. While it can get very technical, the end result remains the same: the coating is much more durable and resistant than other types of coating processes. As a result of this extra resistance and strength, you can be confident that your car won’t have any unexpected damage that tragically undoes all of your hard work.

Don’t Worry About Leather

While on the subject of coating, it’s actually a waste of time to invest heavily in cleaning modern leather seats. Instead of putting a considerable amount of effort into lathering the seats with some kind of auto leather conditioner, instead consider a much simpler alternative: keeping them clean. Today’s modern leather seats already have a highly protective coating applied to them, ensuring that nothing will actually work its way into the leather. When you waste time and money on conditioning these seats, you’re actually just giving the protective coating a very expensive massage. Instead, the best way you can keep the leather seats looking nice is to keep them clean. By adhering to a disciplined routine of cleaning, and keeping a vigilant eye for any potential stains, you’ll ensure that your seats look far nicer than someone that ritualistically wastes their time lathering the seats. Of course, if you’re someone that finds it to be almost meditative, then feel free to continue pursuing the activity.

Although there are plenty of new and developing automotive technologies, we feel that these are some of the most important and relevant to car enthusiasts today. Hopefully, you’ll keep these technologies in mind as you continue to take care of your own car.

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