How to Replace a VIN Sticker Successfully During an Icy Weather Event

During a situation when a VIN sticker in a door needs to be replaced on a cold day, delays can occur if ice freezes key mechanisms shut. However, you can tackle the replacement process efficiently after the temperature drops by implementing strategic procedures to keep ice off your automobile.

Check the Gaskets

A car door can freeze shut when the gasket between the frame and seam are worn out or torn. In order to access your car in a cold climate, you must inspect gaskets regularly and replace them when needed.

During the inspection process, check each gasket for any tears, as ice usually builds up in these openings. If the gap and tears are minor, they can be repaired; however, when flaws on a gasket are very noticeable, the entire component must be replaced.

Remove Grime

When debris and dirt generate in the frame along the side of a car door, the gasket won’t be able to make a firm seal. As a result, water will access key areas within the frame and freeze after the temperature drops. In order to prevent this problem, you must cleanse the frame with a rag and warm water before the winter weather arrives. A dry cloth must be used after the cleaning phase is completed to remove any moisture that could freeze the door shut.

Use a Protective Solution

Once a gasket reaches a certain age, the surfaces will begin to dry out and crack. To prevent this problem, you’ll have to apply a proper lubricant into the rubber components. You shouldn’t use WD-40 for this task because it has chemicals that make the rubber on a gasket brittle and stiff.

Cover the Vehicle

After the automobile is properly prepped, you must cover it with a commercial-grade car cover or tarp. If you can’t buy either of these products, simply cover the driver side door with a large trash bag.

When the temperature is low, you can still tackle inspections and other vital automotive tasks. If a vehicle is prepped in a strategic manner, ice won’t prevent you from accessing your vehicles when you have replacement door VIN stickers.

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