Market for Motorcycle parts

A motorcycle commonly referred to as a motorbike, cycle or bike, is a two wheeled motor vehicle. Depending on the tasks that they are designed to accomplish, motor vehicles vary widely. Some motorcycles are designed for long distances, whereasothers are designedsports and racing. Depending on the different tasks that they are meant to accomplish, the motorcycle parts also vary. The parts for the racing motorcycles may for instance be much stronger than those meant for cruising in traffic. It is therefore careful to seek professional opinion before you take the step of buying any part for your motorcycle.

Motorcycles have for a long time been themost common means of transport in many parts of the world. It is estimated that there are approximately 200 million motorcycles currently in use worldwide. This narrows down approximately to 33motorcycles for every 1000 people in the planet. This is much higher compared to the number of cars in the world thatstands at 590 million narrowing down to 91 cars for every 1000 people in the planet. It is for this reason that the market for motor vehicle parts has witnessed a big boom in their sales over the recent years. More parts are being manufactured so as to meet the ever-growingdemand for these popular machines.

The largest number of motor cycles is found in the developing countries.  Research shows that 58% of the motorcycle users are in Asia, more specifically in the Southern and Eastern parts of Asia as well as the most parts of the Asia Pacific regions except Japan. In 2006 alone, there were 54 million motorcycles in use in China.  There was an annual production of 22 million motorcycles for that year.  In 2002, India had an estimated 37 million motorcycles. This was home to the biggest number of motorcycles in the world. Coming in second was China with a total of 34 million. The best market for motorcycle parts would therefore be these parts of the world. The leading parts manufacturers have realized this fact and more marketing efforts are being applied in these parts of the world. Most of the manufacturers have even set up manufacturing plants in these countries so as to be closer to their market and be able to better understand their needs.

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