Polaris RZR Clutch Kits and Belts

The Polaris RZR XP 1000 is maybe the best all around sport UTV on the market.  That said, like any performance UTV, there is always room for improvment.  Most UTV enthusiasts start with performance parts like less restrictive exhausts and air intakes for good reason.  However, one of the most commonly overlooked performance components that is often overlooked is the vehicle’s clutch.  This is a mistake because the clutch is an easy part to modify, with the replacement of the primary and secondary springs making a dramatic difference when it comes to tuning.  If you get serious with your UTV mods by adding a turbo or Big Bore kit, the potential performance improvement is even more dramatic.  EPI and Team Industries are two of the most respected builders of performance clutches in the UTV industry.  They both recently released a clutch kit for the RZR XP 1000.

EPI has designed a Sport Utility Clutch Kits for riders that are looking to spend most of their time on the trails and improve the overall performance without compromising the reliability of their UTV.  EPI has designed this clutch system to improve both the low and mid-range acceleration for trail riding. A more efficient transfer of power from your UTV down to the tires is the most important job of your clutch. This clutch will also help decrease CVT belt slippage, decreasing clutch heat. This particular clutch is designed for the RZR XP’s stock motor and stock exhaust, but EPI can build a kit to fit your specific application.

Team Industries is such a force in the UTV clutch world that Arctic Cat came to them to design the unique dry clutch system for their Wildcat XP. Their overdrive/underdrive kit for the XP 1000 offers increased top end torque and quicker acceleration. This clutch package adds to the capabilities of your boosted or modified RZR 800, and Team Industries’ primary and secondary clutches increase top end speed by up to 18%.  Quicker off the line acceleration is guaranteed with the kit, and a Stage 1 Turbo or better recommended. The kit includes Team Industries primary and secondary clutch, primary and secondary springs, an adjustable weight set, a heavy duty belt and clutch cover spacer. For these and hundreds of other Polaris RZR accessories and parts, visit www.sbsparts.com.

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