What Happens when your Semi Truck Breaks Down on the Road?

If you are an owner-operator, you know the importance of keeping common parts on-hand for every run. Usually a company will provide a few services like commercial vehicle wreck attorneys for when you get into an accident, but there are a few things when it comes to keeping your vehicle running that you can do which would get you back on the road faster. Some company-employed semi-truck operators only carry a few parts and tools. This makes it difficult to get back on the road and make your delivery on time. Sometimes you have to deal with the problem directly and remedy the situation yourself, seeking reimbursement later. However, these situations can be minimized if you are regularly having fleet repairs and maintenance. It is important that you regularly check on your fleet to avoid accidents and problems down the road.

Sitting it out
If you don’t have the part required to fix your truck, you will likely just have to wait it out, especially if you are a company-employed driver. How long will you have to wait? In some cases, you could be stuck waiting for repairs or parts for a week. Not only does this put a big dent in your paycheck, it means that your customer is likely to not receive their delivery on time.

Waiting for Repair Authorization
Company drivers have to wait for repair authorizations and repairs to be scheduled. This can take a day or two. Then, you may end up waiting several more days for the semi truck repair shop to be able to get your semi in. It is ideal to find a comfortable place to call home while you’re waiting. You can also pass the time by visiting local attractions and restaurants in the area where you’re sitting.

Order Parts Yourself
Owner-operators can order parts themselves to repair their trucks while on the road. If you’re a company driver and don’t have time to waste, offer to order your Freightliner truck parts and seek reimbursement as you’ll give yourself the option for faster delivery. You can have the parts shipped directly to the repair facility so they can get started as soon as the parts arrive. There is no harm in being proactive; it shows that you value your job and the customer.

Closing Thoughts
Take the time to find a repair shop who can also do semi truck tire repair that is at least in the state you’re stuck in. Contact a semi-truck towing company and they will do the job to get the truck to a repair shop as soon as possible. Some companies may require that your truck be taken by a towing company to their facility for repair, but that can mean that you’re out of work for a week or more. The company will likely reimburse you for the towing costs if you choose to take the reins on the situation. For over-the-road truck drivers, time is money and any time you spend sitting is money lost. calling a towing and recovery dublin expert to take care of repairs as soon as possible gets you back on the road faster.

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