5 Cute, Compact Cars for the “Miniature” Driver

“Although historically the American motor industry firmly believed in the saying that “the bigger it is, the better it is” – big engines with a massive amount of horsepower and enormous SUV’s, there has been a very welcome resurgence to the smaller motor over recent years. This is good news not only for the pocket, but these pocket rockets are also great news for smaller drivers who sometimes find it difficult to drive large monsters. Okay, so maybe the seat will move forward but you’ve still gotta’ see over the hood – many miniature drivers were in need of a booster cushion in order to drive safely.

The smaller car has definitely caught on lately thanks to the rising cost of fuel – they are also much easier to maneuver and park in those small, tight city spaces. Cute, compact cars are perfect for miniature drivers but many are also cleverly designed to provide a surprisingly spacious interior and luggage space so larger drivers can enjoy the benefits too. Check out a few options at http://infinitiom.com, or take a look at these.

1. Ford Fiesta Sedan – it’s got a lot going for it for miniature drivers and drivers on a budget – which just about covers everybody these days. The Ford Fiesta is certainly cute, it’s also versatile, reliable and relatively affordable. This car was originally designed to cope with the tighter confines of European roads and adapts perfectly to any driving dynamics, well suited for driving around in urban areas although there’s enough space for a longer road trip too. Miniature drivers benefit from mechanical blind spot mirrors which are fully integrated into the design for clear, all round vision.

2. Chevrolet Sonic – this 5 door hatchback is a sub-compact gem perfect for city driving and the smaller pilot. This power pack has plenty of oomph benefiting from a 1.8 liter online assuring great handling and versatility whilst providing fantastic fuel economy. I can’t really think of anything else you need in a compact car.

3. Hyundai Elantra GLS – this sedan is cute, smart, sleek, stylish and fuel efficient, it’s certainly a smaller car with a bigger attitude. Smaller cars definitely do not equate to slowness or sluggish handling, this pocket rocket has zippy acceleration and terrific handling whilst providing the driver and passengers with a surprisingly spacious, comfortable ride, some of the top models even have voice activated GPS navigation – how about that? The additional rearview camera makes parking in the tightest spaces in a piece of cake, even for the smallest of drivers.

4. Kia Rio Sedan – is another small car with big car ideas. It is small in size with a small price tag too but it can sure make a big impression on drivers and passengers alike. The 1.6 liter engine provides plenty of oomph for nipping around the city whilst also providing impressive economy at 33 mpg. All mod cons are included in this terrific compact motor including Bluetooth wireless – a rear camera is available as an extra which would make a handy addition for smaller drivers.

5. Nissan Versa – is a value packed bargain providing a comfortable, thrifty, efficient vehicle perfect for the smaller driver or quick trips to the shops. There’s plenty of power available from the 1.6 liter engine with variable transmission which virtually sips the fuel, unlike some of those larger, gas guzzling monsters of old.

All of these cars provide the perfect option for urban drivers: going to shops, a school run, going to the Infiniti Service in San Dimas, the options are endless. “

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