Armored Vehicles Offer Peace of Mind

Fitting armour to bulletproof cars requires many modifications.It is not simply a matter of attaching armour plating to the chassis. INKAS ArmoredVehicles has a team of engineers dedicated to modifying vehicles. In addition to the fitting of protective equipment, there are issues such as weight, braking and handling to consider, all of which will be radically different from conventional cars.

INKAS ArmoredVehicles has been manufacturing bulletproof vehicles since 1995 to customers’ specifications. The Canadian company provides leading-edge materials such as heavy duty bulletproof glass, steels and composites, as well as the facilities to fit these to the vehicles.

INKAS Armored Vehicles offers different levels of protection for its products depending on the perceived threat. If a vehicle is only expected to come under attack from handguns, it will need significantly less protection than one that is in danger from armour-piercing rounds fired by high-velocity weapons. For example, in cars featuring the highest level of protection, the roof and floor will be coated with metal composites to withstand damage from explosives.

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