Honda Motorcycles: A Leader in the Industry

Honda is the most renowned manufacturer of quality automobiles and motorcycles throughout the world. The Japanese based company has been producing motorcycles since the 1950’s and has revolutionized the motorcycle industry.

Before Honda, motorcycles were big, heavy, and unreliable. Honda was the first motorcycle manufacturer to produce a lightweight, compact, and reliable motorcycle that was powerful at the same time. In fact, the popularity of Honda motorcycles in the 1950’s and 60’s almost put Harley out of business. Since those early days, Honda has continued to progress and build quality technologically advanced motorcycles.

Honda creates street motorcycles for every type of motorcycle enthusiast. The company manufactures a complete line of street cruiser bikes as well as high performance racing machines. Honda street cruiser, such as the Shadow and VTX, are V-twin beasts that allow riders to comfortable travel long distances without the worry of breaking down. Honda also produces the best racing cycles in the world. Their famous CBR motorcycles provide a true thrill for riders wanting to the ultimate adrenaline rush. With top speeds of 190 mph, CBR’s are some of the fastest production motorcycles in the world.

Honda also makes the best off-road bikes on the market. The company’s cutting edge motocross bikes are responsible for multiple championships and attract the best riders in the sport. Honda also produces a full line of children’s motocross bikes. They range from beginner models, such as the XR, to racing bikes like the CR 100. As the top motocross bike manufacturer, Honda is responsible for putting smiles on thousands of kid’s faces each year.

Honda is the leader in the motorcycle industry. They have helped revolutionize the motorcycle market by creating a myriad of high-performing machines exhibiting the latest in technological advancements. It is a progressive company that continues to impress motorcyclists around the globe and the pave the way for future generations.

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