Smile You’re on Candid Traffic Camera…Now What?

Many Hollywood behind the curtain types often anxiously dream of the day they finally turn out in front of the camera. Well little do they know that the rising number of traffic enforcement technologies has likely made that dream be realized on ever daily commute. It’s understandable while traffic cameras are important for evidence in critical car accidents however, many citizens are wondering in the event the devices are simply cash cows to rake in money for petty offenses. What’s worse is that a lot of people aren’t sure what rights they have once the ticket arrives in the end and mail up paying it of fear or disgust.

Ability to a Hearing

If a ticket is received in the mail and the court has to prove that the vehicle you have been driving is at fact inside the wrong. Naturally if you did run the red light or consider the wrong turn, than you save energy and resources by simply paying the ticket.

Examine Photo and make certain License Driver and Plates is seen.

Traffic cameras are supposed to be set up to capture the license plate and maybe the driver from the picture in the illegal procedure. It is entirely possible that the ticket was sent by mistake or they got a bad vehicle so make sure it is your

car within the picture before paying the ticket. An excess of these violations could look bad on the driving abstract, though you may think it’s easier just to spend the money for inexpensive fine.

Revisit the Scene For Evidence

Even when you were caught on camera committing a violation, revisit the scene to make sure the error wasn’t preventable. There has to be adequate signage preceding a traffic light and blind spots or weather interruptions may be the grounds for any dismissal. On top of this, pointing out highway inefficiencies could prevent other innocent motorists from getting similar fines and could even prevent accidents in the future.

As always, check with your state laws to see if traffic camera tickets are even legal. While many cities rushed to install the devices, more and more are being ruled unconstitutional or inadmissible by local courts so don’t pay the fine without first checking the legality.

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